004 Inner Peace thru Self-Compassion with Nate Terrell

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So many humans berate themselves without ever being aware that they are doing it! It might be obvious to most why self-compassion is so important, but meanwhile we all have bouts of ‘raising the bar’ and ‘magnifying our guilt’ and ‘pouring fuel on our anxiety’ for a subconscious need to improve ourselves. Meanwhile the efforts don’t work but only tear us further down. Basically, we aren’t giving ourselves self-compassion because of hidden needs deep in the subconscious. Nate Terrell comes to InnerZension Radio to enlighten us.

As a licensed social worker in New Jersey, Nate Terrell has been a therapist for over 40 years! 40 years, folks!! Nate teaches interpersonal communication as a professor at Temple University and created a full curriculum of trainings for his company, Organizational Growth, where he conducts workshops and presentations (including topics on self-compassion.) His latest book is “Achieving Self Compassion: Giving yourself the gifts of happiness and inner peace.” He starts this fine work with clearly justifying the importance of self-compassion, and then he explains the various portals into full manifestation thereof. His private therapy practice is in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, and centers his theories around this all-important concept of self-compassion.

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