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In order to experience Inner Peace, one must be present to the Now. This is the only true place that peace can exist! But while so many people are teaching these truths, rarely do we find someone explaining HOW to be in the Now. This is why Richard Moss was called upon to help us find the Now and remain in it with his Mandala of Being. In the discussion, Richard and Chris explore various other topics related to conscious living and finding inner peace.

Richard Moss, M.D., is an internationally respected leader in the field of consciousness, conscious living, and inner transformation. He has been conducing training, presentations, and worldwide retreats for over 35 years. He is the author of 7 seminal books that will be included with the published podcast at InnerZension.com, where you can peruse and purchase his books while supporting the show. This is truly and honor to have Dr. Moss on the show!

Website:  https://richardmoss.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RichardMoss2011



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  • Mike Cechanowicz

    My goodness, as I listen to this interview, I am left with a map of the territory that is provided, being useless and confusing had I not known better. Being rather well qualified to make a judgement statement after 22-thousand client hours as a psychotherapist, a certified NLP-trainer, instructor in hypnosis and systems thinking (TOC), I submit the following that would make life much more simple. My model is based on the Hermetic Law of Correspondence that states, as above, so below- as within, as without…. Consciousness is not a noun but a verb and a dynamic process – to become aware of…. the brain mirrors the mind and the mind is not a thing like the brain is, because the mind itself is not physical – but still mirrored by the physical, so lets start there.

    We have left brain specialization processes and right brain processes that are distinctly different from each other and these are related to the “rational” mind and the “emotional mind”. Any and all rational processes in the brain and mind must use the process of fragmentation and sequential logic while the right brain hemisphere and emotional mind must use wholeness principles and simultaneous logic to be emotional. We do not have a conscious and unconscious mind – but we do have a rational and emotional mind and that information can we be aware of, or un-aware of in any given moment.

    This means that we are created with the potential to become masters of our universe with a part of us that is equipped to take apart and another part equipped to put back together again – the hallmark of a master craftsman – if and only if both hemispheres of the brain and mind are stimulated, and trained to work together without competition.

    The heart is also the physical manifestation of our Higher Mind or Higher Self of which only the emotional mind has access to. This is why the rational mind must create legal fiction to create a moral compass – which is simply moral relativity, while the heart has direct moral compass, recognizing pain and empathy of what is wrong.

    We think we live in a dualistic universe, but in reality we live in a universe of trinity aspects – neutral, positive and negative. We have the higher self, of which has created the soul as a fragment of self, and the emotional and rational mind. The rational mind needs to use its will power to become the trustee of the emotional mind because as it is based on wholeness principles it must be “meta” to the rational mind. Without the emotional mind, the rational mind would never have anything to fragment.

    When the emotional mind is with a good conscience – it relates to the higher self as a child relates to its loving parents. The rational mind has no direct access to this aspect of self. This is our higher intuition, higher emotions that provide passion and inspiration. The lower emotions created by the emotional mind are connected to the aspects of loss and gain which are temporal (rational). The rational mind uses these emotions almost directly. In dreams the aspect of (I) can be any one of the three elements of mind – rational, emotional or higher self. This becomes recognizable when we look at the symbolism involved.

    We are eternal spiritual beings living temporal lives to become aware of who we really are. We incarnate back into temporal bodies until this learning process is completed at a certain level, and then we move on to a higher level of evolution.

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