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A New Important Word: InnerZension

There are many concepts packed into the word InnerZension and the deeper meanings may not be so easily apparent. Overall, the word describes a process whereby a person develops an enduring sense of inner peace and contentment while evolving into their highest Self and living out their true life purpose.

The word InnerZension sounds similar to the word Intervention. This is no coincidence. At the onset of InnerZension work, the therapist intervenes and helps the client to resolve major blocks, remove personal obstacles, and/or defines personal limitations that might be keeping them from moving forward in life.

The Zen aspect to InnerZension describes a widely universal meaning describing peace, contentment, and joy. Inner Zen is something all humans desire because it feels great. Humans go to great lengths just to have even short snippets of Zen. Still others find enduring stillness and peace but they fail to ascend into their true life mission.

Inner Ascension implies that the person has evolved enough to experience self actualization, or a sense of higher-level soul or spiritual learning. Not easily triggered by emotions or outer experiences, this person is living a humble yet powerful existence. They are affecting people more so by the influential calmness within themselves than they are by loud speaking or manipulation or overt demands.

The overall word of InnerZension implies all of this, in various stages. Intervention is the beginning. Zen is reached and maintained. And then Inner Ascension remains the continuing process for the rest of this material life.


What Methods Are Used?

Integrative, holistic treatment

InnerZension is a state that cannot be reached with just a few simple techniques. The complex whole must be considered, including behaviors, thoughts, emotions, spirituality, values, past memories, habits, breathing patterns, energy flow, life purpose, and much much more. As such, there are so many treatment options to enhance and grow each of these areas, depending on the current state of the client and their individualized treatment milestones towards true Inner Zen.

We offer free services in the form of podcasts, radio, blogs, social media, etc. For more intense emotional or mental hurdles, we have professional services available.

Common interventions and treatment options include, but or not limited to, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy–CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy–ACT, mindfulness practices, guided and unguided meditation, astrological charting, Human Design, self-hypnosis training, dream therapy, Interpersonal Therapy–IPT, lifestyle analysis and choices, supplemental consultation, addiction counseling and consulting, and much more.


Therapies to be Added

The long term vision at InnerZension Therapy is to have a plethora of integrative services available, including massage, hypnosis, acupuncture, chiropractor, sauna, spa, dietitian, health coaches, spiritual guidance, and much more.

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Our Story

A different kind of help

Born out of a strong desire to provide unparalleled psychotherapy in a whole new context…

InnerZension is not a unidirectional process. Staff members who have found their Inner Zen are now turning back to help others find it too. InnerZension provides this vehicle for people to live out their purpose and help others. In a direct sense, you will not be learning from know-it-alls and self-proclaimed ascended masters. Instead, you will be learning from people who have been there. These people received their intervention and have grown and evolved to a place to help others in similar situations…towards personal InnerZension


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