InnerZension (n.)

The process of ascending to a state of inner peace and contentment that is unaffected by outside influence.

Therapy • Counseling • Mental Health • Life Coaching

The road to sustained Inner Peace


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Click here for your free starter kit. Inner peace requires a solid foundation from many different spheres of life. This foundation is suggested because the road to true and lasting inner peace is rather impossible without first meeting these basic, core issues.

Remember that our professionals are here to help you gain these foundational skills and then help you progress into much higher states of being. Want the shortcut to inner peace? Make an appointment today!

InnerZension Therapy integrates various methodologies to address multiple life factors and better enable you towards wholeness, peace, healing, life purpose and most importantly, to help you find your Inner Zen. Imagine a life where your inner peace does not waiver day by day or wane because of bad news or crumble when past trauma is triggered. This state is not associated with ignoring problems or repressing unwanted emotions.  It’s about living in the 3D material world without being separated from our rightful state of Inner Zen.

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Getting Started

What is InnerZension Therapy?

InnerZension Therapy is a licensed, mental health clinic. We offer services either face-to-face or online. As with any licensed counseling practice, an assessment will be made to ensure the client is appropriate for this clinic and vice versa. Potential clients must be free of debilitating crises, free of acute intoxication, and be able to communicate with their therapist.  The results of the assessment will lead to a treatment plan. InnerZension treatment plans incorporate integrative modalities to treat the whole person…

What sets InnerZension Therapy apart from other counseling and therapy practices is the integrative approach. InnerZension Therapy employs Mind-Body-Spirit modalities because these three ideas are intimately intertwined and all greatly affect one another. Lifestyle choices are compassionately included in the model because they directly affect body chemistry, behaviors, and presence of symptoms. Another difference is the desire to find and resolve deeper causes of the outer symptoms so that symptoms alleviation can be more lasting or permanent.

Another difference with InnerZention Therapy is the inclusion of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our mental health treatment. Read more about our 3 Tenants of Cannabis and Mental Health. Also, a FREE DOWNLOAD is available for learning all about the ECS…What does it do? What happens if we are deficient? Does cannabis help or hurt the ECS? This is a PhD-level paper, but is yours for free! Download it here.

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”

– Rumi


InnerZension Therapy isn’t creating a whole new You…

It’s about learning to be the Real You!


Problem Resolution

Fix those pesky life problems once and for all! Are you tired to continually resolving old issues? Why do they keep coming back? Trade in addiction, trauma, mood swings, relationship issues, etc for Inner Peace. Once and for all.

Real Practical Steps

Just about any human can carry out the practical and pragmatic steps towards InnerZension. From a multitude of mental exercises to behavioral techniques to lifestyle changes, the processes inside InnerZension are diverse, individualized, and comprehensive. But they must be practiced and habituated.

Researched & Evidence-Based

InnerZension is steeped in holistic and integrative methodologies that pull from most, if not all, the various psychological theories and even some that are about to be studied in higher education. In short, InnerZension is evidence-based and remains on the front edge of collective healing methods.

All of us search for inner peace in all the wrong places…

We spend our lives escaping discomfort…only to create more problems

Above are just a few ways we try to seek inner peace.

Meanwhile, we get further from the inner zen we seek.

InnerZension Therapy will get you back on track!

  • "Chris has been seeing my son for several months now, and I just wanted to say that he has literally been a godsend to my son and our family. Thank you"

    Mark Undisclosed
  • "Excellent. Highly Recommended"

    Ken Oil Rigs
  • "Wished I'd found this therapy earlier."

    Sally Artist
  • "It was impossible to move past my trauma until I found InnerZension. You helped me find inner peace that I never knew was there! Thank you!"

    Wendy Teacher

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