InnerZension (n.)

The process of ascending to a state of inner peace and contentment that is unaffected by outside influence.

Therapy • Counseling • Mental Health • Life Coaching


The road to sustained Inner Peace

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InnerZension integrates various methodologies to address multiple life factors and better enable you towards wholeness, peace, healing, and most importantly, to help you find your Inner Zen. Imagine a life where your inner peace does not waiver day by day or wane because of bad news or crumble when past trauma is triggered. This state is not associated with ignoring problems or repressing unwanted emotions.  It’s about living in the World without being separated from our rightful state of Inner Zen.

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Signs of Progress

What milestones are reached during InnerZension?

The process starts with Intervention. Perhaps a crisis is resolved or the biggest life obstacle is removed first. In this way, the client is able to at least move forward in life. The next major phase is focused on an unwavering sense of purpose with strong coping skills developed to properly weather most emotional storms. The final stage is arguably the most intense but the most rewarding (and the most enduring). The client develops a well-defined personal space such that they can connect with their own intuition and begin a self-learning state of permanent evolving and growing into their higher true purpose, all the while with unwavering personal contentment. This is the state of InnerZension.

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“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”

– Rumi


InnerZension is already inside you.

Connect with your Inner Zen…Connect to the Higher You


Problem Resolution

Fix those pesky life problems once and for all! Are you tired to continually resolving old issues? Why do they keep coming back? Trade in addiction, trauma, mood swings, relationship issues, etc for Inner Peace. Once and for all.

Real Practical Steps

Just about any human can carry out the practical and pragmatic steps towards InnerZension. From a multitude of mental exercises to behavioral techniques to lifestyle changes, the processes inside InnerZension are diverse, individualized, and comprehensive. But they must be practiced and habituated.

Researched & Evidence-Based

InnerZension is steeped in holistic and integrative methodologies that pull from most, if not all, the various psychological theories and even some that are about to be studied in higher education. In short, InnerZension is evidence-based and remains on the front edge of collective healing methods.

All of us search for it everyday…

Most of us find it periodically in life, but it isn’t sustained.

Above are just a few ways we try to seek Inner Peace.

Meanwhile, we get further from the Zen we seek…

Until InnerZension is initiated…

  • "I just can't believe how fast I'm improving, but I'm sure you hear that all the time!"

    Ken Oil Rigs
  • "I managed my bipolar swings with alcohol. It was the only thing that seemed to work, but it was just an illusion. I'm so glad I found the IAM2 model!"

    Sally Artist
  • "I couldn't forgive him but InnerZension has helped me find inner peace that I never knew was there! Thank you!"

    Wendy Teacher
  • "After I quit opiates successfully, I found myself clamoring with anxiety and tons of pain. InnerZension provided the right tools for my sobriety and gave me my life back."

    Ryan Entrepreneur

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