Dr. Diane Dreher on the Tao of Inner Peace

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Diane Dreher, PhD appears on InnerZension Radio to help us cultivate Inner Peace from the view of the Tao and from her numerous best-selling books! Her amazing books range from The Tao of Inner Peace to Your Personal Renaissance and many more. Diane is a professor at Santa Clara University while also helping transform lives as a positive psychology coach, consultant, and counselor. She serves as the associate director of the Spirituality and Health Institute. She has appeared on numerous radio interviews and in popular professional publications around the web. You do not want to miss this interview!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The Yin and Yang of Inner Peace!
  • Essential tidbits from the Tao
  • What is balance and how does one achieve it?
  • Is grounding/earthing yin or yang?
  • Transformation and finding your calling
  • Connect to our deepest joy and highest values
  • How to increase meaning in your life

Connect with Dr. Diane Dreher: http://www.dianedreher.com and purchase her books below!

InnerZension Radio hopes to help listeners develop their personal sense of sustained Inner Peace, no matter what is happening in and around them. The host, Chris McCleary, is a retired military aviator who underwent a drastic transformation to become a licensed psychotherapist in Northwest Arkansas. For professional counseling with your mental health and/or addiction issues, contact Chris by email: InnerZension@gmail (add the extension .com before sending your email). Use the email to also provide feedback for the show or to recommend new interviews.

Get your free InnerZension starter kit! It’s a free 10-page pdf to lay out the foundation you need for Inner Peace:  https://innerzension.com/foundationroadmap/


Dr. Diane Dreher’s books:

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