006 Christi Daniels on Regaining Personal Power

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Are you stuck on the human hamster-wheel that never seems to stop? Yearning for a break from the perpetual state of YES? If you’re overwhelmed at keeping up with all the obligations that you signed up for, this is the podcast for you! Personal Power Coach, Christi Daniels, joins us from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Having earned a PhD in Putting Others First, Christi shows us how many of the problems in life may originate from disconnecting from your true, divine Self. She is author of Sabbatical From Yes, founder of Live True to You Community and creator of the transformative Soul Garden Series and Self-Full Living model (it’s not selfish when its Self-Full).

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to reconnect with Self
  • How to use the Self-Full model to enhance your life
  • Outer influences on your internal experience
  • How to regain your power, how to not say YES to everyone

If you are struggling with sacrificing yourself in the service of everyone else’s needs, or you simply want the help of Christi Daniel’s expertise, contact her at her website: https://www.christidaniels.com/

InnerZension Radio hopes to help listeners develop their personal sense of sustained Inner Peace, no matter what is happening in and around them. The host, Chris McCleary, is a retired military aviator who underwent a drastic transformation to become a licensed psychotherapist in Northwest Arkansas. For professional counseling with your mental health and/or addiction issues, contact Chris by email: InnerZension@gmail (add the extension .com before sending your email). Use the email to also provide feedback for the show or to recommend new interviews. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

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